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With our expert fully managed service, you can have complete confidence that, at The London Bath Co., we don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to creating your perfect bespoke bathroom.

From time to time, we all find that parts of our home need a refresh, but, with a space as vital to daily living as the bathroom, the prospect of undertaking a lengthy and stressful renovation can quite understandably fill you with dread. At The London Bath Co., we’re here to stop you from putting off your project any longer. We’re here to make the transformation of your Wimbledon bathroom completely hassle-free and easy. Our comprehensive fully managed service means you don’t have to worry about finding a design, ordering products, or organising trades. Our dedicated team will take care of everything, and their expert knowledge means you can rest assured your new bathroom will be designed and installed to the highest standards.



Even with a collection of the most luxurious products, your new bathroom will fall at the first hurdle without a well-considered design. At The London Bath Co., we’ve been designing stunning bathrooms for over 30 years and our team knows exactly what it takes to achieve a beautiful bespoke interior, including finding a perfect layout, planning seamless storage and dedicating attention to those all-important finishing touches. To ensure your bathroom is just right for you and your Wimbledon home, we’ve curated a collection of gorgeous modern and traditional products for you to choose from. Our talented and knowledgeable designers will work closely with you to help bring your luxurious tailormade wet room, cloakroom, bathroom, or en suite to life.


Whether you’re busy at work or looking after your family, most of us simply don’t need the added stress of planning and organising a renovation. However, we know that your home is incredibly important to you and you certainly don’t want just anyone coming along and intervening with your project. At The London Bath Co., our trusted in-house team of designers and installation specialists have been crafting immaculate bespoke bathrooms for over 30 years. We are incredibly proud of our unrivalled service and exacting standards. You can trust our expert team to go above and beyond with every element of your project, supporting you from start to finish to ensure your journey to achieving your beautiful new bathroom is smooth and hassle-free.



At The London Bath Co., we simply refuse to compromise when it comes to demanding remarkable elegance and superior practicality. Discover our exquisite interiors for yourself when you explore our bathroom gallery.



When it comes to creating a fantastic bespoke bathroom, the devil really is in the detail. To make sure your project is as seamless and stress-free as possible, it’s important to take the time to plan the process from the very beginning.



Our professional design team will work with you to find a solution that brings practicality and timeless style into perfect harmony. You will be able to explore your new bathroom design in detail with our state-of-the-art 3-D rendering technology.



Every stage of your Wimbledon bathroom transformation is undeniably as important as the last. Your installation requires exceptional precision and attention to detail to ensure your new interior looks and functions beautifully for years to come.


Visiting your nearest showroom is the first step to making your wonderful new bathroom a reality. Our two London showrooms are the ideal place to discover a range of luxurious designs and products that you will want to include in your new space. As well as finding brilliant inspiration for your interior, a visit to our showroom is a great opportunity to chat with our friendly and professional design experts to find out exactly how we can help with your project.


At The London Bath Co., our innovative and creative designers are responsible for establishing stunning interiors that combine the latest trends and approaches with time-honoured styles to create bathrooms that truly stand the test of time. Whether you have a small space, an unusual layout, or tricky architectural features to contend with, our team is talented in finding outstanding practical and stylish design solutions. Our years of experience combined with our dedication to pursuing the most contemporary design approaches ensures all our unique bespoke bathrooms are simply second to none.


Nothing gives our wonderful team more pleasure than seeing our clients delighted with their new space. We would absolutely love to hear about your upcoming project and begin exploring just how we can transform your bathroom into a relaxing and stylish retreat. Speak to our team now by clicking the button below.