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Finishing touches to your brand-new bathroom

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Finishing touches to your brand-new bathroom

A beautifully designed new bathroom should be the haven of tranquillity you want, a place to unwind and relax at the end of a long day. You have spent time picking just the right bath, basin and toilet for your new bathroom, pored over tile samples and flooring option to ensure everything is just as you want it to be, and yet somehow your bathroom seems a little impersonal.

Those finishing touches, which are all too often neglected in the process of finding your perfect bathroom, are what will make your brand-new bathroom truly special.

The perfect mirror

Don’t just settle for the more traditional rectangular mirror. Look for something a little different that really stands out. Circles and arches, or any other interesting shape of mirror can provide a real focal point in your bathroom.  If you really want lighting around your mirror, ditch those naked bulbs around the edge and instead opt for a chic up-lighting lamp of sophisticated sconces on either side of the mirror, not only will this provide you with better lighting, it is also much more flattering.


In addition to the lighting around your mirror, you should also consider the main source of light for your bathroom. Bad lighting will spoil the atmosphere you are trying to create in even the most luxurious of bathrooms. It is worth investing in some truly gorgeous lighting solutions to really create the right atmosphere in your bathroom. A small chandelier can look really chic in both a modern or more traditional bathroom and is ideal for placing above the bathtub itself. You might prefer up-lighters for a softer more flattering source of light, or sconces to give you a gentle, relaxing light. Different types of lighting in your bathroom can provide you with different moods depending on whether you want to relax or are getting ready in a rush.

Don’t forget the accessories

All too often when we pick our bathroom suite, we forget those little essentials such as the toilet roll holder and towel rail. It can be a good idea to look for matching items that will complement the fittings on your new bathroom suite. If you have chosen modern chrome taps, then consider simple accessories with clean lines to really pull your bathroom together.

With these small changes to your bathroom, it will start to become a room that is unquestionably stylish, yet still to your unique taste.

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