Our Ultimate Guide To Freestanding Bathroom Furniture


Fusing stylish looks, excellent storage potential, and impressive versatility, freestanding bathroom furniture is undeniably back in fashion. From the minimalist to the traditional and from small spaces to large, freestanding furniture has carved a niche for itself in the realm of bathroom design. But can freestanding bathroom furniture really work in any space? In this article, we’ll answer all your freestanding bathroom furniture questions, sharing pros, cons, and helpful design tips. So, whether you’re planning a complete bathroom makeover or simply considering investing in a few new pieces, we’ll help you navigate your way to the perfect bathroom setup.


What is Freestanding Bathroom Furniture?

Freestanding bathroom furniture refers to any fixtures that stand independently, as opposed to being mounted on a wall or built into a specific area. Examples range from vanities, which often incorporate a sink and storage space underneath, to freestanding shelves, cabinets, seating, and even standalone bathtubs. Available in a range of styles and offering you the ability to move and rearrange them with relative ease, these versatile pieces offer excellent design flexibility.

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Advantages Of Freestanding Bathroom Furniture

  • Freestanding bathroom furniture is highly versatile. As it isn’t permanently fixed, you have the freedom to alter your bathroom layout as needed. This allows you to switch up the look of your space and tailor it to your changing needs without undertaking a major renovation.
  • Another benefit of freestanding bathroom furniture is the virtually unlimited array of design options. From rustic upcycled washstands and antique dressers to vibrant upholstered chairs and sleek ladder shelves, you’re sure to find a variety of freestanding pieces that align with your aesthetic. Selecting your own unique furniture allows you to truly personalise your scheme and reflect your individual style.
  • Since freestanding bathroom furniture doesn’t require professional fitting, it won’t cost anything to install or remove. It is ideal for those living in rental properties, where making permanent changes isn’t possible.

Disadvantages Of Freestanding Bathroom Furniture

  • Freestanding bathroom furniture may not utilise space quite as efficiently as built-in or wall-mounted products. Built-in units are often custom-made to fit the space, taking full advantage of every inch, while freestanding pieces come in standard sizes that might not align perfectly with the dimensions of your bathroom.
  • Ensuring your freestanding furniture coordinates with your scheme and the other pieces in it requires a good eye. In order to create a stylish and cohesive interior, you must ensure your furniture works well in proportion to the space and complements the other colours and finishes within your design.
  • Cost is another factor to consider. Depending on the quality and design, freestanding furniture can sometimes be more expensive than built-in options. However, it’s worth noting that there are also many affordable options on the market, making freestanding furniture accessible for a range of budgets.
  • Finally, it’s important to consider safety. Freestanding furniture that isn’t secured to a wall or built into a structure could tip over, posing a safety risk, particularly in households with children. Some pieces come with optional anchoring systems, which we recommend using, especially for taller furniture like shelving units. With careful planning and consideration, freestanding bathroom furniture can make an elegant and functional addition to any bathroom.

Use Freestanding Furniture To Maximise A Small Bathroom

Though people often think fitted bathroom furniture is the best option for smaller spaces, freestanding pieces can work just as well, offering greater flexibility and adding a characterful touch to your design. A freestanding vanity unit can make a stylish centrepiece while providing ample storage. Alternatively, a ladder shelf or linen tower offers a great way to utilise vertical space. Freestanding furniture can help you tailor your design to your needs without making your bathroom feel cramped and overwhelmed by imposing fitted units.

Large Bathrooms Made Homely With Freestanding Bathroom Furniture

Larger bathrooms are well-suited to freestanding furniture. They offer ample space to incorporate standout pieces such as a grand double vanity, an accent chair or a freestanding bathtub. Introducing a few characterful pieces to your design can help you establish a cosy and inviting atmosphere, bringing a sense of balance and proportion to a larger bathroom. Plus, you can never have too much storage!

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Bringing A Touch Of Luxury To Your Bathroom

From opulent clawfoot bathtubs to stately antique vanity units, freestanding furniture offers the potential to bring a real sense of luxury to any bathroom. Pieces that feature high-end materials like marble, solid brass, or richly-grained wood can add a sumptuous edge to a scheme, especially when these luxe finishes are echoed throughout the design.


Family Bathroom

The one thing that is essential in any family bathroom is storage. Fortunately, freestanding furniture offers plenty of storage options. Freestanding cabinets or shelving units can provide a useful place to keep towels, toiletries, and bath toys. Look for pieces made from durable, easy-to-clean materials like treated wood or metal to maximise longevity and minimise cleaning time. Functionality is also key. A freestanding double vanity with two basins could be just what you need to speed up that bedtime routine. Freestanding bathroom furniture can provide a range of flexible solutions that you can customise to suit your family’s needs and tastes.

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Freestanding bathroom furniture offers a whole host of benefits. While it might not be right for every bathroom, it’s certainly worth considering. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can speak to our expert team by calling 020 7127 5235 or emailing [email protected].

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