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Should You Replace Your Bath with a Shower?


If you’re looking to undertake a bathroom renovation, one question that might cross your mind is whether you should replace your bath with a shower. This is often a popular choice for an en suite bathroom, where the property already has a bath, or if the individual is looking to save some space in a one-bedroom and one-bathroom property.

There are a number of benefits to replacing a bath with a shower but it’s an important decision that requires some careful consideration. We’ve outlined a few advantages and some potential drawbacks below to help you make a decision.



Frees Up Space

One key reason for replacing a bathtub with a shower is to free up some space in a small bathroom. Often, a walk-in shower can fit neatly into a corner, allowing more storage space and room to move around.

Invest in a luxury wet room

If you’re already renovating a bathroom, opting for just a shower rather than a bath will allow you to invest in a luxury wet room. These are practical, stylish and easy to maintain.

Allows Increased Accessibility For Those Who Need It

Baths and bath/shower combinations can be really great if you like to relax in the tub, but they can also provide issues for those who are less physically able. You can, of course, get specialist bathtubs in mobility bathrooms, but often it is easier to install a wet room which can be easily navigated and doesn’t require any climbing into or out of.

Can Modernise The Look Of The Bathroom

Of course, you can get modern and stylish bathrooms and there are so many available. However, these can be fairly pricey and not always as practical as a shower. A sleek and modern walk-in shower can really help to elevate a bathroom space, providing clean lines and sense of continuity.

Potential Drawbacks

It Could Potentially Lower Your Property Value

How replacing a bath with a shower affects your property value will depend on the size of the property and who will be looking to buy it. For example, if it’s a one-bedroom flat, it’s not likely to make much difference to potential buyers who were likely expecting a shower anyway.

However, if it’s a family home with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, it’s expected that there will be at least one bathtub! If you do make the choice to remove all bathtubs in a larger property, you should bear in mind that this could affect property value.

It Might Mean You Are Fully Committed To Showers Over Baths

This point only applies if you are in a one-bathroom property but if you do decide to replace your only bath with a shower, it means you no longer have the option between the two! Some people never have baths, but we think they can be a great way to relax and unwind so it’s important to think carefully before giving them up.

The question of whether to replace a bath with a shower will depend on a number of factors, including personal preference, accessibility needs, property size and need for space. We’d recommend getting advice from a professional bathroom designer before settling on a final choice as they will be able to advise on what best suits your needs within your budget.


For more information on replacing a bath with a shower, you’re welcome to get in touch with our helpful team on 020 7127 5235.

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