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Why opt for his and hers sinks?


Why opt for his and hers sinks?

Whether you have just moved into your first home together or are doing up a property that you have lived in for a while, it is only natural that when it comes to redoing the bathroom, you will want to put your own stamp on it. If you are fortunate enough to have a larger bathroom with plenty of space or a spacious en-suite, then there are a number of things that you might like to consider.

His and hers sinks, or, as they are sometimes referred to; Jack and Jill sinks, are not just something that you may encounter in a luxury hotel. They are becoming an increasingly popular addition to many modern homes where the occupants lead busy lives and have little time in the morning.

Jack and Jill

Named after the two children in the nursery rhyme, traditionally a Jack and Jill bathroom was one situated between two bedrooms. It was shared by both occupants and had lockable doors to provide privacy. While most of the facilities were shared in the bathroom, there would have been two sinks, one for each bedroom. Each sink would have had its own place for the individual to store their wash items. Nowadays the term is used simply to refer to a bathroom where there are two sinks.

The benefits

One of the main reasons that a couple opt for his and hers sinks is so that they can have some personal space. If you have just moved in together then sharing a bathroom can be something of a shock and gaining a little bit of space by having separate sinks can really help. It offers each person a space of their own where they can lay out their own things, just as they like them and not have to worry about them being in the way of the other person.

If you have his and hers sinks on a big vanity unit, then you will also benefit from extra storage space.

Mornings can often be a bit frantic, especially with busy schedules and lengthy work commutes. Having two sinks is very convenient and means that you don’t have to wait to get ready, no more hammering on the bathroom door because someone else is hogging the sink when you need it.

As we already mentioned his and hers sinks are very popular in luxury hotels, they can really add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, and more importantly if you are thinking of selling they can be very popular with buyers.

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