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Why Wood Works Well in the Bathroom


As a material known for its inability to tolerate wet and humid conditions, your bathroom is probably the last place you would think to incorporate wood. However, with the proper treatment or use of a wood-effect alternative, introducing wood to your bathroom can transform your space into a sophisticated and cosy retreat. Wood has been used for many years to build everything from cottages to boats, so there’s no reason it can’t be incorporated into a bathroom. Below are some tips and ideas to help you decide whether your new bathroom could benefit from a touch of timber…


Wood Adds Instant Warmth

Wood is a beautiful, organic material. Its natural texture and orange/red undertones add instant warmth to any interior. Since bathrooms often include lots of practical, water-resistant surfaces such as ceramic sanitaryware and porcelain tiles, they can sometimes look a little cold. Incorporating wood into your bathroom is a great way to counteract those slick materials and create a cosy, luxurious atmosphere. With a range of dark and lighter shades to choose from, wood complements most popular bathroom finishes and colours.

Wood Evokes Luxury & Sophistication

Though introducing wood to your bathroom needn’t cost the earth, it will immediately add a luxe feel to your space. It never fails to add a touch of classic opulence and sophistication to any interior. Think regal parquet flooring or a contemporary wood vanity. Even the smallest bathroom will take on a sense of class when you incorporate wood into your design.

Creates A Natural Look

Our growing concern for sustainability has undeniably influenced the trend for nature-inspired interiors. Characterised by the use of natural materials like stone and wood, and earthy colour palettes, this theme is perfect for creating a zen, spa-like bathroom space. Wood is the ideal material to help you achieve this look.

The Look Of Wood Never Grows Old

Wood is a truly timeless material. A neutral oak, beech or maple is unlikely to go out of style. And since they complement most colours and finishes, there’s nothing stopping you from updating your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint or new tiles. However, if you fancy a change, wood is easy to refurbish by sanding and painting/staining.

Wood Is Eco-Friendly

As a sustainable material, wood makes a great choice if you’re considering ways to make your bathroom more environmentally friendly. Wood can be used extensively throughout your design or in just one element of the room. From hardwood flooring or a statement tub to a panelled feature wall or oak vanity, the possibilities are endless.

How To Incorporate Wood In Your Bathroom

If we’ve managed to convince you that wood is the way to go, the following tips will ensure your interior lives up to expectations rather than leaving you with a warped, rotten mess!

Make sure you choose the right wood – Though we don’t recommend using wood flooring in a wet room, engineered hardwood is an excellent floor choice for most bathrooms. For storage vanities or countertops near a sink, make sure you choose durable wood like oak, pine or teak.

Protect the wood with a suitable coating – Protecting your wood with a water-resistant finish is a must. High-tech oils offer the best protection for wood in a bathroom. They will seal your wood, protecting it from water, humidity, and other spills/scratches. Oils need to be reapplied as part of regular maintenance. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for more information.

Consider a wood-effect – If you would like to introduce wood to a wet room or don’t want any of the maintenance associated with real wood, a wood-effect material could make the ideal alternative. Many manufacturers offer impressive wood-effect ceramic tiles. There are also plenty of waterproof wood-effect laminate or vinyl options available.

Wood Is A Strong Performer In The Bathroom

Many people assume wood does not mix with water, but wood is a beautiful and strong material. Suitably protected and maintained wood will last many years and still look good in a humid bathroom environment.

With all these fantastic reasons why wood works so well in the bathroom, is it time to consider adding some wood to yours? To discuss your upcoming bathroom project, call us on 020 7127 5235 or email [email protected].


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