Why Wood Works Well in the Bathroom


Wood has been a constant presence in bathroom design since consumers realised that this room did not just have a functional purpose and could be similarly styled like any other space in the home to include modern technology and comfort. A constant feature of bathroom design has been the use of wood alongside other materials such as stone and glass.

Wood has always worked well in the bathroom due to the following reasons:

Wood adds instant “warmth”

In a room that has perhaps always been considered as the coldest in the house; wood is a natural, earthy material that adds instant warmth. It is also neutral in the sense that it goes well with the commonly used bathroom materials such as marble, glass and ceramic.

Wood adds an opulent feel

The inclusion of wood in a bathroom adds instant value and an impression of opulence. Think mahogany vanity cabinets or an oak paneled ceiling for instance. Even the smallest bathroom will take on a sense of class with the feature of wood either incorporated into the fabric of the room or the decoration of it.

The Look of Wood never grows old

Using a high-value wood such as oak will mean that your bathroom never goes out of style and even if you fancy a change in the decoration; the wood can stay and will complement anything you decide to do. Wood can always be easily refurbished by sanding, painting and/or varnishing if needed etc.

Wood is Eco-Friendly

Wood is an eco-friendly design feature of any bathroom and can be used extensively throughout or simply in one element of the room. The possibilities are endless from hardwood flooring, a statement teak tub, a bamboo sink to a wooden framed mirror or piece of artwork etc. From high end design to wood found in a salvage yard; wood works well in the bathroom due to its natural, sustainable properties. It can also be surprisingly cheap! Pallet wood and other types of old wood can be transformed into a beautiful and rustic focal point for your bathroom.

Wood is a strong performer in the bathroom

Many people assume wood does not mix with water, but wood is a strong performing material. Safely-protected and maintained wood will last for many years and still look good in a humid bathroom environment.

With all these reasons that wood works in the bathroom, is it time to consider adding some wood into yours?

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