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Power Shower vs Bath – What’s Your Best Option?

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When it comes to redesigning your bathroom there are some decisions that can be harder than others, and the big debate can often focus on whether it is better to have a bath or a power shower. If you don’t have the luxury of space which would allow you to pick both then this will probably be the biggest decision you find yourself making. Each choice has its advantages, and ultimately the end decision will be down to personal preference, but what are the things you should factor in to your decision?


For the ultimate in luxury you really can’t beat a free-standing bath. Whether you prefer a roll top bath with traditional taps or a thoroughly modern bath with sleek lines and a free-standing tap that really create the wow factor in your bathroom there are plenty of stunning models to choose from.

For many people there is nothing better at the end of a long day than sinking into a luxurious hot bath and letting all those day to day stresses just float away.

Power shower

For the ultimate showering experience, you really cannot beat the combination of power shower and luxuriously spacious walk in shower. What better way to wind down at the ned of the day that lose your self under those powerful jets of water. Walk in showers are the perfect choice for anyone who wants plenty of space and they really are the best way to enjoy the invigorating flow of a power shower without that feeling of being shut into a small space.

A power shower is also a great way to really wake up in the morning, and of course showers have the added advantage of saving you time, so if your mornings are always a bit of a rush you may prefer to choose a power shower.

If you have a smaller bathroom a power shower is still a very viable option, but you may have to compromise a little on the size of the shower enclosure that you pick.

Which to choose?

Ultimately the final decision between power shower and bath really does come down to personal choice, however if you have a spacious bathroom then why choose when you have the room to indulge in the best of both worlds! A luxury spacious bathroom should have plenty of space to incorporate a walk-in shower area with a power shower and a stunning eye-catching bath.

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