Shower Heads – What is best for your bathroom?

The type of shower head that you choose for your bathroom can not only give you varying showering experiences. It can also have an impact on the overall appearance of your bathroom. Choosing the shower heads that will suit your bathroom is not an easy choice as you can’t always picture how it will look in your bathroom until it is actually in place.

So, let’s look at what type of shower heads usually suit certain bathroom styles and designs so that you can get a good idea of what type will suit your own bathroom the best.

Waterfall showerheads

The waterfall showerhead is one of the most opulent showerheads that you can buy. They not only look classic and stylish, but they provide a large area of waterfall in which to shower. These types of showerheads do come in a range of sizes but even the smallest will be larger than your standard circular showerhead.

Waterfall shower heads are best suited to larger bathrooms which have individual showers rather than shower units above the bath. This is because the larger water fall area would likely spill out the side of a bath. The larger shower head would also look out of place in a small room.

High pressure showers

If you are a fan of a high-pressure shower, then a specific showerhead for this reason is a must have for your bathroom. However, if you do not have a solid shower screen then you may find that a high-pressure shower causes water to end up on your bathroom floor. If you have a smaller bathroom or small shower cubicle then a high-pressure shower head is going to give you the feeling of having a larger water fall area as more water is forced out of the shower head at once.

Water saving showers

For the environmentally conscious, water saving shower heads give you the high-pressure shower experience while using half as much water. The special shower heads are slightly more expensive, but they can save you money on your water bills and heating bills. They shower heads work by using air in the water streams to give you the same water pressure but using a fraction of the amount of water.

Hand-held showers

If you only have room for a bath or a shower in your bathroom then hand held showerheads can be fitted to your bath taps so that you get the best of both worlds and you don’t need to choose between one or the other.

Take a look at the large range of showerheads on the market before assuming you have to opt for a standard one – it can make all the difference to your shower!

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