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Atmospheric Modern Bathroom

Chelsea, London

This bathroom exudes a serene, modern elegance, defined by its minimalist design and warm, ambient lighting. A large, rectangular niche is recessed into the wall, creating a sleek, flush appearance that enhances the sense of space and is adorned with beautiful bespoke alcove lighting. This is paired with another chic feature bath panel gracing the side of the built-in bath providing a soft glow, offering both functionality and a touch of sophistication.

The wall-hung floating vanity with a warm wooden drawer box, with its clean lines and smooth finish, it is both contemporary and warm. It brings a natural touch to the otherwise cool, cream-toned room. Above, a white, textured basin sits gracefully on top of the vanity, paired with a sleek, chrome tap that reflects the light, adding to the room’s modern aesthetic. A luxurious, decorative mirror resides above the sink, beautifully adorned with fluted sconces offering a dash of opulence and glamour to this modern space.

Strategically placed, the champagne-finished towel warmer adds a layer of comfort and convenience, while its unique design doubles as a visual feature, complementing the bathroom's contemporary style. The wooden elements, Onyx white tiled walls, and soft lighting all contribute to an atmosphere of tranquillity, making this bathroom not just a functional space, but a sanctuary of calm.

The details...

Adding to the inviting atmosphere of this beautiful modern space, the warmth of the Journey Wood Tiling, framed expertly in the niches of the bath and walls, creates a cohesive and tranquil ambience. The rich, natural hues of the wood provide a striking contrast against the sleek, contemporary fixtures and minimalist design elements. Each tile, with its unique grain and texture, adds depth and character, making the space feel luxurious and welcoming. Soft, ambient lighting subtly highlights the wood's natural beauty, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The clever use of these wood tiles in the bath area, the flooring and on selected wall sections ties the room together, creating a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and timeless elegance.


This modern bathroom elegantly combines sleek lines with the graceful curves of the sink basin and a luxurious mirror, creating a striking contrast. The Onyx White Tiling, with its soft warm hues, complements the clean, fine lines, enhancing the warm and modern aesthetic. Every detail, from the minimalist fixtures to the streamlined cabinetry, contributes to the room's sophisticated harmony.


a word from our designer...

"Our clients in Chelsea were captivated by the bathroom's harmonious blend of sleek lines and warm hues. They felt the space perfectly balanced modern elegance with a welcoming ambience, exceeding their expectations."


Before & After

Before & After