Bright and Decadent Bathroom

Greenwich, London

This classical contemporary design masterpiece carefully infuses classical charm with modern functionality, resulting in a radiant and luxurious bathing space. The choice of glossy white metric tiling plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired bright and airy aesthetic. These lustrous tiles, reflect light and exude a timeless charm as they adorn the walls, creating a sense of space and radiance. The classical choice of white is complemented by touches of gold, adding warmth and a sense of opulence to the overall design. Offsetting the luminosity of the wall tiling are the rustic terracotta hexagonal floor tiles, with their characterful charm synchronising with the classic design elements of the room.

Incorporating maximum storage is essential to keep the bathroom clutter-free and pristine. A beautiful wooden double vanity unit, offers ample storage space with a glamourous integral mirror above, providing the perfect space for daily routines. The rich, deep wooden tones of the reeded drawers harmonise with the earthy shades of the terracotta flooring, elevating the distinctive mix of textures employed throughout the room.

Central to this bathroom's design is the plush, recessed bath with a shower feature overhead. Showcasing timeless style and comfortable depth, it offers the ideal spot for relaxation. With elegantly brushed brassware, the combination of classic and modern elements creates a truly luxurious bathing experience.

The details...

Elevating the atmosphere to a new level of opulence, lights and decorative sconces are strategically placed throughout the bathroom. With their intricate designs and classic gold finishes, these radiant fixtures create focal points and fill the space with a warm glow. The charming sconces adorning the mirror vanity exude age-old glamour with their shroud of reeded glass. This beautifully lit bathroom boasts a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics.


Every element of this sumptuous bathroom emits visual appeal and functionality. The result is a radiant, lustrous, and premium bathing space that embodies the essence of classical and contemporary design. The plush finishes, including the glossy white tiling, brushed brassware, and terracotta flooring, combine to create a timeless and inviting space.

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a word from our designer...

"With a rich blend of textures and carefully orchestrated lighting, our clients in Chelsea were delighted by how we optimised their space to craft a lavish and welcoming bathroom."


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