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Candescent Blue Master Cloak

Belgravia, London

This charming and compact space is characterised by the ethereal Blue Bird tiling, where a subtle yet captivating blend of blue and brown tones reign supreme. The glossy finishes and immaculate lines within this lavish setting create an enticing sanctuary. The luminous quality of the tiling drapes the entire decor, resulting in a delightful interplay of light that imparts a sense of spaciousness as it mirrors the reflective tile surfaces. An elegant focal point is found in the feature mirror, which not only offers integrated backlit lighting but also a convenient cabinet for your essentials. The serene blue floor and feature wall find a gentle contrast in the warm embrace of the Onyx White tiling, which graces a significant portion of the walls.

A seamless union of style and functionality is witnessed in the stone worktop, harmonising effortlessly with the contemporary lines of the floating WC. The magnetic allure of the blue tiling continues to captivate within the inviting wall niches, adding an extra layer of luxury to the design.

The details...

The exquisite, brushed brassware finishes this Cloak WC beautifully, with exposed pipework and beautiful wall trim. These accents of gold embellish the aesthetic of this room, upgrading it to a new level of opulence.


In this design, contemporary aesthetics seamlessly merge with opulence, as expansive and luxurious tiling takes centre stage, complemented by exquisite finishes. The result captures the essence of modern sleekness while exuding an unmistakable air of lavish sophistication.

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a word from our designer...

"It was an absolute pleasure to work on this project, and I'm delighted with the stunning outcome. Our client in Belgravia was elated with the seamless blending of modern elements and opulent details, and they appreciated our clever use of light and glossy finishes to create the illusion of spaciousness"


Before & After

Before & After