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Ethereal Blue Master Bathroom

Belgravia, London

Staying consistent with the Master Cloak, our client in Belgravia has harmoniously extended the same theme and colour palette into this lavish bathroom. The ethereal Blue Bird tiling finds a perfect complement in the Onyx White London Bath Co. tiling that envelops the space, creating an atmosphere of grandeur and opulence. At the heart of this bathroom, a stately slipper stone bath takes centre stage, elevating the sense of luxury to new heights, and offering a serene and comfortable retreat for indulgent soaking. The room is imbued with mesmerising integrated lighting that gracefully traces the crisp modern lines of the walls, enhancing the allure of the recessed niches and alcoves, which serve as additional points of visual interest.

A floating vanity, paired with a stone worktop, provides an ideal space for your daily rituals. The bathroom exudes an age-old glamour, accentuated by lavish and decadent sconces that grace the mirror with their reeded glass and brushed brass finishes. These opulent finishes are thoughtfully integrated throughout the room, appearing in the wall trim and accentuating the elegance of the rainfall shower head and brassware fixtures. As well as boasting a beautiful bathtub, nestled in the corner of this design is a lavish wetroom, offering another space to relax and unwind. This bathroom is truly a masterpiece of luxury and sophistication, capturing the essence of timeless beauty.

The details...

The captivating, undulating pattern of the Blue Bird tiling defines the essence of this design. The exquisite blend of deep blue and subtle earthy brown tones in the décor creates truly mesmerising grains that effortlessly draw your gaze. This well-considered colour scheme, beautifully complemented by various shades of white, transcends conventional notions of style and aesthetics, delivering a visual masterpiece that exudes timeless elegance and allure.


The bathroom embodies a luxurious and timeless style, seamlessly extending the theme and colour palette from the Master Cloak to create a grand and opulent ambience, with stunning tiling, lavish finishes, and decadent fixtures.

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a word from our designer...

"Our Client in Belgravia was captivated by our beautiful range of tiling at London Bath Co. and we’re so pleased that they are elated with the results. This bespoke colour palette complemented by glamourous fixtures and accents exudes luxury in this master bathroom."


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