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Beautiful & Timeless Modern Bathroom

Fulham, London

We worked closely with our Fulham clients to maximise space in their compact understairs bathroom. Despite not having the biggest room, a large walk-in shower provides a luxurious showering experience. A wall-hung vanity, built-in shower niches, mirrored cabinet, and bespoke shelf deliver plenty of handy storage space. For what it lacks in size, this elegant bathroom undeniably makes up for in style and practicality.

Beautiful geometric patterned tiles take the simple modern furniture to the next level. We have continued the statement flooring through into the landing to create a seamless contemporary look. The natural gloss finish tiles lining the shower enclosure add a calming touch, reflecting light throughout the space and ensuring the decorative tiles don’t overwhelm the small room. The chic Crittall-style shower screen, eye-catching Geo tiles, and gorgeous lighting bring a truly timeless yet stylish edge to this understated Fulham bathroom.

The details...

With limited wall space, we had to think outside the box when deciding how to heat the room. We tucked an elegant towel radiator into the alcove at the end of the shower, combining convenience and practicality and bringing an uncluttered look to the interior.


Elegant Onyx stone and contrasting Load Grey Geo patterned tiles with modern white furniture and a black Crittall-style shower screen.


a word from our designer...

“Based in London, we are experts in turning even the smallest bathrooms into luxurious and practical retreats. Our Fulham clients were delighted with how we transformed their compact space.”


Before & After