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Gleaming And Glamourous En-suite

Belgravia, London

This lavishly designed space emanates opulence and style, where the graceful interplay of patterned tiles and lavish gold accents creates an ambience of pure luxury. The exquisite Calcutta Gold tiles, adorned with distinctive grains, seep flawlessly into sumptuous niches and grace the floor. They harmonise seamlessly with the elegant Onyx White tiles cascading down the walls. This artful fusion of colour and pattern imparts an airy and inviting quality, while the sublime brassware finishes cast golden hues that enrich the space. Bathed in a soft brown and gold palette, this en-suite radiates warmth and extravagance, elevated by the brushed brassware's touch of allure and glamour.

A generously proportioned wet room takes its place gracefully in the corner, providing a rejuvenating sanctuary for relaxation and revitalisation. The crisp, clean lines of the glass enclosure mirror the modern aesthetic of the sleek, floating white vanity. This space seamlessly blends contemporary design elements with luxurious accents, showcasing an elegant testament to refined craftsmanship. Luxurious sconces adorn the mirror, casting warm, inviting light that adds both luminance and grandeur.

The details...

Lighting takes centre stage in this design, with integrated trim lighting that accentuates all the stunning features. It gracefully flows along the walls, highlighting the beautifully-grained tile patterns, while also adding a touch of allure in the sumptuous wall niches. From every angle, light plays a pivotal role in elevating the ambience. Natural light pours in through the skylight above the en-suite, complemented by the opulent sconces at the vanity, which infuse character and decadence into the overall aesthetic.


In conclusion, this shower room embodies elegance and luxury, combining modern design elements with opulent touches to create a truly captivating space.

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a word from our designer...

"Our client was thrilled with the transformation of their en-suite. The combination of luxurious materials, modern aesthetics, thoughtful design, and careful attention to detail cultivated a space that is not only functional but a sensational spectacle from every vantage point."


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