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Luxurious Ensuite Oasis

Primrose Hill, London

Embracing the same exquisite style found in their Ensuite, our client in Primrose Hill continued this luxurious theme into their loft wet room. This captivating loft space now boasts the rich natural textures of London Bath Co Statutorio tiles, adorning every inch of the room and wholly transforming the loft into an indulgent haven. These tiles, featuring captivating patterns, envelop the loft, creating an inviting atmosphere steeped in lavish luxury. The tiles elegantly frame the wet room feature, thoughtfully placed in a loft corner, crafting an illusion of spaciousness with its seamless shower enclosure.

The details...

To enhance the loft's allure, a beautifully backlit mirror with an integrated cabinet feature takes centre stage, offering additional storage. Below this exquisite mirror, a floating Scandinavian oak vanity adds to the room's functionality and aesthetic. The lighting from the mirror synchronises with the reflective properties of this luxurious space to fill the room with a radiant, luminous glow. Adjacent to the elegant vanity, a wall-mounted WC, and a thermostatic bidet work seamlessly together, melding appearance and functionality into a harmonious blend that perfectly complements the loft's grand aesthetic.


A luxurious fusion of textures sets the tone for this room, with the commanding wet room enclosure taking centre stage. The striking marble-esque tile patterns play off the rich, warm, wooden tones of the cabinetry, creating a visually appealing blend of natural elements.

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a word from our designer...

"Our client in Primrose Hill found the Statutorio tile range captivating and decided to carry this theme throughout her entire home. The harmonious blend of textures and the skilful utilisation of lighting resulted in a stunning and inviting space that delighted our client"


Before & After

Before & After