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Luxurious & Sophisticated Ensuite Bathroom

Greenwich, London

The second ensuite we created for our Greenwich client – this room follows a similar theme, combining classic and contemporary elements to create a chic and timeless space. The sleek glass shower screen and floor-to-ceiling tiles give the illusion of a much larger room while adding to the luxurious ambience. The integrated wall niches and mirrored vanity help keep the ensuite clutter-free without encroaching on the compact space.

This exceptional ensuite boasts a harmonious blend of traditional elegance and modern, space-enhancing elements, resulting in a sumptuous and inviting scheme. The striking, traditional washstand fitted with gorgeous Lefroy Brooks taps undeniably elevates the design, adding a wonderful touch of opulence. A stylish shower and towel radiator also echo the classic aesthetic, adding to the luxurious ambience. Our Greenwich clients were delighted with their spacious and elegant new ensuite.

The details...

Lighting is not only essential in terms of providing the visibility required to carry out your daily routines. It also ensures this compact ensuite feels bright and open. The illuminated mirrored vanity really adds to the effect.


Traditional furniture with stunning chrome Lefroy Brooks fittings. Onyx stone tiles and built-in mirrored vanity with integrated lighting.

En-suite 2 The London Bath Co. 3
En-suite 1 The London Bath Co. 6

a word from our designer...

“Simplicity and attention to detail are key when it comes to maximising a compact space – something we’ve certainly achieved here.”


Before & After

Before & After