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Luxurious Ensuite Oasis

Primrose Hill, London

Every crevice of this captivating space is imbued with the natural textures of London Bath Co Statutorio tiles, enveloping the Ensuite in opulent allure. These tiles, boasting mesmerising grains, exude luxury and transform the Ensuite into a sumptuous sanctuary. The tiles' enticing textures adorn the wet room feature, cleverly nestled in a corner to create the illusion of more space with its seamless shower enclosure.

The sleek lines of the Scandinavian oak floating vanity provide a striking contrast to the tile patterns, offering ample storage and maximising every inch of the room. Complementing the vanity is a semi-recessed mirror cabinet, creating the perfect setting for your daily rituals. Adding a touch of luminosity, a backlit mirror brightens the space, accompanied by integrated lighting in wall niches that gently illuminate the wet room's alcoves. The hung WC and thermostatic bidet seamlessly blend into the majestic aesthetic of the space.

The details...

Bespoke moulded cornices elegantly elongate the Ensuite's layout, creating an illusion of more space while adding depth and dimension to the predominantly white palette of the room.


The delightful interplay of textures, where warm oak harmonises with the pristine finishes of the London Bath Co Statutorio tiles, fosters an inviting and captivating environment for relaxation and revitalisation. From the radiant wall niches to the commanding wet room enclosure, this space exudes enchantment.

Luxurious En suite bathroom
Luxurious En suite bathroom

a word from our designer...

"Our client in Primrose Hill was delighted with the luxurious elements of their new Ensuite. They particularly enjoyed the interplay of different textures, which came together to form a truly delightful space"


Before & After

Luxurious En suite bathroom