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Mesmerising Modern Bathroom

Kensington, London

From the delicate slender strips of Bamboo Avocado tiling adorning the splashback to the bold striking dashes of Rimini grey in the wall tile decor, this bathroom emerges as a captivating fusion of contrasting patterns. This results in interesting optical perspectives from every vantage point. The journey begins with the commanding symmetrical monochrome floor tiling in Brompton Porcelain Borough by Ca ’Pietra. This leads to the lavish brushed brass accessories that artfully complement every intricate detail, thus rendering this bathroom a truly mesmerising realm. The allure is amplified by the opulent wall tiles, which feature intricate patterns and evoke an aura of opulence, while the dynamic contrasts blend seamlessly to evoke a timeless elegance, creating a space that's both inviting and engaging.

The sleek, crisp lines of the worktop and the floating vanity effortlessly merge into the contours of the room, allowing the intricate tiling to take centre stage. The vanity is both beautiful and practical as the mirrored cabinets offer additional storage space. Surrounding the mirror, the decorative sconces illuminate the detailed markings of the walls and are enhanced by the reeded glass that shrouds them. The WC is perfectly positioned next to the recessed bath, where there's also an overhead shower facility, creating a seamless and harmonious arrangement in the alcove. The polished white finishes of the key elements beautifully counterbalance the intricate decor details, enhancing the overall sumptuousness of this bathroom.

A bespoke worktop unifies the space, mirroring the pattern in the skirting board and surrounding bathtub shelves. Its beautifully mottled appearance flows organically throughout the room, subtly incorporated into various design elements. Numerous eye-catching, statement features seamlessly blend into this design, such as the commanding bespoke solid oak double vanity unit, adorned with glamorous brushed brassware, positioned opposite the twin shower. With chic reeded wooden drawers, this exquisite vanity serves as an ideal storage solution, enhanced by a radiant sconce and bespoke 'his and hers' wavy mirrors. Another captivating aspect is the majestic free-standing stone bath, providing the perfect sanctuary for relaxation. The herringbone-style patterned tile floor elevates the design, infusing a vibrant splash of colour into the overall aesthetic.

The details...

Concealed within the walls, you'll discover captivating niches that seamlessly marry style and purpose. With their visually arresting presence, these niches are enhanced by graceful trim lighting that accentuates the exquisite contours of each wall recess. Beyond their aesthetic allure, these sophisticated spaces boast multiple functions as they provide a practical storage solution for all your bathroom essentials, discreetly tucked within arm's reach.


In the realm of design, this bathroom stands as a masterpiece, a convergence of patterns and symmetrical lines that bestows upon it a distinctive and unmatched style. Bejewelled by the lavish brushed brassware, every element of this space is a spectacle that draws the eye and ignites the senses. From the intricate interplay of patterns to the harmonious symmetrical arrangements, this bathroom boasts a unique personality that captivates and enchants.

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a word from our designer...

"This unique bathroom enthralled our clients in Kensington. They were delighted with how we had captured their vision and paid meticulous attention to all the finer details using a combination of patterns to create a feast for the eyes. They could not be happier with their final design."


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Before & After