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Modern And Elegant Bathroom

Kensington, London

The bathroom exudes a serene and contemporary elegance, designed to imbue a sense of calm and cleanliness. The Malmoro Onyx White wall tiles create a warm and inviting atmosphere, softly reflecting the recessed ceiling lights, and adding warmth to the space. A large, well-lit mirror enhances the sense of spaciousness while providing ample light for grooming.

The glass-enclosed shower and bath area features a minimalist design with clean lines, ensuring that the space feels open and uncluttered. The rain shower head promises a luxurious and refreshing experience, akin to a gentle rainfall. This is beautifully paired with the built-in bath beneath offering a sumptuous and deep bathing space to enjoy a long soak in. Next to the bath and shower area, a sleek, white vanity unit with simple, modern handles offers essential storage while maintaining the bathroom's modern aesthetic. Its crisp white colour contrasts beautifully with the beige tones, tying the room together with a modern touch.

The warmth of the room is further enhanced by the wooden floor tiles that provide a natural look and feel underfoot. These tiles bring an organic texture to the room, balancing the sleekness of the glass and the smooth surfaces of the fixtures. The bathroom design is a thoughtful blend of functionality and style, creating a space that is both practical for daily use and visually soothing.

Beautifully moulded cornices reimplemented into the space grace the outline of the room and add a classic, intricate detail. A custom-made floating vanity fills the space beneath a generously sized mirror with ample storage in large sliding drawers. This vanity is finished with a glossy light grey colour, which harmonises with the distinctive grey patterns of the tiling. This glossy finish complements the layered lighting and interplays elegantly with the reflective properties within the space. From the matching recessed wall cabinet to the brushed stainless-steel brassware, a shiny, scintillating glow emanates within the room.

The details...

Beautiful, recessed alcoves breathe life into this welcoming space with the Journey wood tiles framed beautifully inside, outlined gracefully by integrated lighting they add depth and dimension to this luxurious design. The recessed bath panel feature presents an intriguing focal point tying the space together with the wooden pattern seeping through.

Combining both beauty and functionality, the luxurious mirrored vanity cabinet offers the perfect spot to stow away your bathroom essentials with its vibrant trim lighting giving you extra illumination when preparing for the day or night ahead.


This bathroom exudes a blend of modern elegance and natural warmth, creating a space that is both luxurious and inviting. The design centres around the use of Journey wood tiles in the recessed alcoves, which infuse the room with a sense of organic warmth and texture. The overall style of the bathroom is a harmonious fusion of contemporary design elements and natural materials, creating a serene and sophisticated retreat.


a word from our designer...

"Our clients in Kensington were thrilled with the fusion of materials and textures here to create a warm and welcoming bathroom space."


Before & After

Before & After