Opulent And Inviting Bathroom

Kensington, London

This bathroom is the epitome of lavish tranquillity, where the timeless elegance of Sorrento Statutorio tiles envelops the space in a canvas of marbled grace, their intricate veining adding a classical touch. These tiles lay the foundation for a symphony of texture, harmonising with the deep, rich hues of the walls and the lustrous sheen of the blue herringbone tiling. The interplay of matte and gloss finishes introduces a tactile experience, inviting touch and exploration. While the herringbone tiles, set within the wall niches, offer a splash of vivid colour, sparking visual interest.

Centred in this sanctuary is a freestanding boat bath, cloaked in the bespoke paint to match, matte deep blue that echoes the surrounding palette, creating an unbroken thread of colour that ties the room together. It is a luxurious invitation to sink into its depths, offering a tranquil retreat from the world. The walk-in wet room further accentuates the sense of modern luxury, its openness exuding a sense of liberation and space.

In this bathroom, bespoke storage solutions are a triumph within the design. They seamlessly integrate the washing machine and boiler within the refined shaker cabinetry, preserving the room’s elegant lines. These cleverly concealed spaces ensure the polished aesthetic is maintained without sacrificing practicality. Besides these hidden amenities, expertly crafted open shelving offers additional storage and a stage to display decorative pieces, marrying functionality with a personal touch. The floating vanity anchors the space in luxury. Its smooth, curved edges and the illusion of weightlessness add a sophisticated visual flow, guiding movement through the room.

Illumination is thoughtfully provided by decorative mirrors, accented by fluted sconces that bathe the room in a soft, welcoming light, enhancing the serene atmosphere. Each element of this design serves visual and practical desires, ensuring that every moment in this bathroom is an indulgence in comfort and style.

The details...

This bathroom is a sanctuary of comfort and luxury. Nestled conveniently beside the sumptuous bathtub stands a statuesque white cast iron vertical radiator with a straight heated towel rail, emanating warmth and an air of timeless elegance. Its towering presence is functional and decorative, offering a cosy embrace after a relaxing soak. The radiator's classic design harmonises with the opulent aesthetic, while its robust construction promises enduring warmth and comfort. It embodies thoughtful attention to detail, highlighting that this space is not just a bathroom, but a retreat from the everyday.


This chic bathroom melds modern luxury with classic charm. The standout feature is the freestanding boat bath, its custom deep blue finish echoing the room's sophisticated palette. Traditional touches appear in the shaker-style cabinetry, whilst the sumptuous mix of textures cultivates an inviting and luxurious space where every element is to be indulged in.


a word from our designer...

"Our Kensington clients were delighted with the seamless integration and maximisation of their bathroom space by our design team. They particularly enjoyed opulent features like an expansive walk-in wetroom and the striking freestanding boat bathtub"


Before & After

Before & After