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Plush Pink Traditional Shower Room

Kensington, London

The dusk-pink Iris Glazed Metro tiles of this enchanting shower room add a splatter of colour to the chic monochrome tones emanating from this design. The metric tile pattern of plush pink dominates the space evoking a scintillating sense of calm and serenity. These exquisite tiles are complemented by a thin, dado, marble, black trim that highlights the features of the space. The distinctive shade of black is featured in the Classic White Octagon Marble Mosaic tiles which bring a cohesive ambience and are sumptuously wrapped with hues of white. The impactful parallel lines of the metric wall tiles enveloping the area find an ideal counterpart in the octagonal patterns of the flooring, resulting in a harmonious interplay that creates a sense of depth and dimension. This combination of elements not only showcases a captivating visual contrast but also introduces intriguing focal points that add a layer of fascination to the overall design.

Rich traditional aesthetics define the key elements of this exquisite shower room, infusing it with unique character and vibrant energy. A pristine white shaker vanity takes centre stage, crowned by a stone worktop that exudes elegance. This resplendent polished white hue resonates throughout the space, serving as a blank canvas that accentuates the intricate detailing inherent to this Victorian-inspired design. Visible cisterns and pipework become classic focal points, showcasing the mastery of timeless craftsmanship. The quintessential toilet and bidet epitomise a perfect blend of form and function. Whilst the white mouldings on the polished nickel brassware are beautifully juxtaposed with chrome elements, adding a dazzling glimmer to the ambience. Ornate cabinetry knobs harmoniously complement the overall aesthetic, providing a sense of unity to the room's design.

Completing this traditional masterpiece is an opulent classic shower, positioned discreetly in the corner, elevating the room's appeal. Offering a range of washing options, from the luxurious rain shower head to the elegantly hand-held counterpart, this shower epitomises both indulgence and practicality. Every facet of this shower room design synchronises seamlessly, creating a space where time-honoured charm and modern functionality converge in perfect harmony.

The details...

Surrounding the showstopping mirror are decorative sconces that illuminate the design. They hang elegantly on either side of the vanity brightening the space with a soft shimmering glow. This sumptuous lighting effect creates a welcoming, warm, and inviting atmosphere.


The exquisite and enduring elements of this bathroom radiate a feeling of tradition and classic elegance. These captivating features intertwine harmoniously, crafting a unique Victorian design that goes beyond passing trends and emanates a sense of timeless chic.

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a word from our designer...

"Our Clients in Kensington were thrilled with all the detailing of this traditional masterpiece. From the beautiful light fixtures to the artful placing of visual components, they were amazed to see how we brought their ideas to life."


Before & After

Before & After