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Radiant And Palatial Wetroom

Belgravia, London

This expansive room is a symphony of light and luxury, with a dominant walk-in wetroom feature that extends gracefully from an alcove to the centre of the space. This vast large glass enclosure cascades down from the centre of the interior to form an elegant division that not only divides the room but also reflects and enhances the surrounding light, creating a radiant ambience. The room is adorned with glossy finishes, which contribute to the overall sense of luxury and work in harmony with the layered lighting scheme. The lighting design in this space is nothing short of spectacular. Integrated lighting within wall niches, bold backlit mirrors, and other lighting elements bring every corner of the room to life, ensuring a well-lit and inviting environment.

The bathroom features a flawless hanging WC and a luxurious double vanity, which introduces a natural touch with its richly-grained timber exterior. These contrasting textures, from the deep-grained wood to the smooth sink surfaces, create a harmonious balance. The chrome brassware throughout the space complements the overall lighting scheme, creating a cohesive look. The choice of Bardiligio tiles from London Bath Co. for the floor and ceiling adds a sense of grandeur, further enhancing the room's spaciousness and elegance.

The details...

Within this immaculate walk-in wet room, practicality and aesthetics seamlessly intertwine to create a space that excels in form and function. There's an array of well-thought-out storage solutions that enhance the convenience and visual appeal. Starting with the elegant wall niches, these serve as decorative elements and offer practical storage space for your essentials. The deep drawers within the luxurious vanity provide ample room to keep your bathroom organised and clutter-free. Even the recessed mirror cabinet discreetly incorporates storage, adding to the overall functionality of the space.


This palatial wetroom exudes grandeur in every detail. From the grand walk-in wet room, where a seamless glass enclosure divides the space with opulent finesse, to the glossy finishes that adorn the room, every element is to be indulged in.

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a word from our designer...

"Our Clients In Belgravia were impressed with how our designers maximised the space without compromising on luxurious and decadent aesthetics."