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Sophisticated And Striking Bathroom

Mayfair, London

This exquisite bathroom offers a rejuvenating bathing experience, with every detail carefully designed to create a unique ambience. The centrepiece of this space is the luxurious freestanding stone resin bathtub. This is complemented by a pristine walk-in wet room, featuring a fixed glass panel and a hinged deflector panel. This elegant glass enclosure provides another luxurious space to indulge in. Swathing the walls and floor of the interior are captivating London Bath Co. Sorrento Invoke tiles. Showcasing bold, grey graining that beautifully contrasts with the white and earthy brown undertones, they effortlessly cultivate a serene, relaxing backdrop.

Beautifully moulded cornices reimplemented into the space grace the outline of the room and add a classic, intricate detail. A custom-made floating vanity fills the space beneath a generously sized mirror with ample storage in large sliding drawers. This vanity is finished with a glossy light grey colour, which harmonises with the distinctive grey patterns of the tiling. This glossy finish complements the layered lighting and interplays elegantly with the reflective properties within the space. From the matching recessed wall cabinet to the brushed stainless-steel brassware, a shiny, scintillating glow emanates within the room.

The details...

Carefully orchestrated layered lighting, which includes the soft glow of ceiling spotlights and the gentle radiance of bespoke trim lighting cascading from strategically placed wall niches, plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for this sumptuous bathroom retreat. These well-placed wall niches not only enhance the ambience but also provide practical storage solutions, adding to the functionality of the space. They offer a convenient and stylish way to keep essential items within reach. This thoughtful design ensures that every aspect of this luxurious bathroom serves form and function, creating an inviting environment for relaxation and pampering.


This opulent bathroom exudes regal charm, featuring luxurious elements that make it a majestic, inviting sanctuary. The combination of a heated towel rail, lavish wet room, statement floating vanity, and matching cabinet, all centred around the exquisite freestanding bath, creates a timeless and stylish space that will be cherished for generations.

The London Bath Co. Sophisticated And Striking Bathroom Project (3)
The London Bath Co. Sophisticated And Striking Bathroom Project (4)

a word from our designer...

"Our clients in Mayfair were absolutely thrilled with the strikingly beautiful tiling and the thoughtful layout that seamlessly accommodated all the essential elements of a bathroom. They were delighted to find that the bathroom not only met their lifestyle requirements but also retained its beauty."


Before & After

Before & After