Stunning Radiant Main Bathroom

Chiswick, London

Exuding elegance and opulence, the stunning radiant main bathroom in Chiswick is a masterclass in maximising a compact space with ingenious layered lighting. The focal point of the bathroom is an eye-catching recessed mirror cabinet, whose reflective properties infuse the room with a radiant glow. Subtle lighting integrated into the niches of the wall adds a warm and inviting atmosphere, while discreet lighting running alongside the bath's edge elongates the space, creating depth and dimension. The mesmerising beauty of the marble tiling envelops the room, further enhancing the tranquil ambience that defines this space. A beautiful built-in bath with an overhead shower feature showcases the perfect balance of striking aesthetics and essential practicality.

A fluted oak vanity with warm rich hues perfectly complements the room's palette, while a custom-made seamless white countertop harmonises the space. The WC hangs gracefully next to the custom vanity, cleverly creating the illusion of a larger floor space. The brushed stainless brassware elegantly complements the bold tones of the marbled tiling, completing the modern and luminous look of this main bathroom. This beautifully crafted bathroom has left our clients in Chiswick thoroughly impressed with its simple yet striking features, creating a space that epitomises modern luxury and sophistication.

The details...

The exquisite, fluted intricacies of the custom-made oak vanity add texture to the room as the soft lighting embedded in the niches and alcoves of the bath unit not only evokes a candescent quality but also offers a functional solution for storing all your bathroom essentials.


The London Bath Co. Marmi White Tiling that encompasses the space elevates the room to new heights with its distinctive marble graining that emits a sense of opulence and grandeur. This is beautifully complemented by the custom carrion countertop of the oak vanity.

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a word from our designer...

"Luminous and warm, this stunning bathroom impressed our clients in Chiswick who were delighted with how we uplifted their space."