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Traditional And Characterful Cloakroom Toilet

Kensington, London

This captivating display of tradition and style embodies quintessential Victorian-era British toilet aesthetics, characterised by bold blocks of contrasting colours and a rich mix of textures. The bathroom showcases a modern interpretation of the classic 'Thomas Crapper & Co' toilet components, which take centre stage in the room. The elegant white two-piece toilet, featuring an exposed cistern, is paired harmoniously with the 'Thomas Crapper & Co' Harwood Cloakroom Basin, finished in a mesmerising Blue Anthracite glaze, adding a truly unique vintage touch to the overall design.

The lower wall area is adorned with bespoke white panelling, seamlessly blending with the upper wall space's matte black hues. A standout feature wall is elegantly decorated with opulent wallpaper, creating an eye-catching focal point within the room. Delicate floral patterns grace the ornate wallpaper, and the brushed brassware beautifully complements the space by reflecting the lighter tones of the wallpaper, enhancing the overall lustrous appeal of the design. The inclusion of a conveniently placed cloak opposite the WC and basin optimises every inch of this compact space for functionality. In addition to providing a luxurious space for coat storage, this section features built-in bench seating that gracefully spans the wall. Discreetly nestled beneath the seats are practical cabinets designed to neatly store any other necessary items.

The details...

The opulent and lavish towel rail, positioned above the WC, seamlessly harmonises with the brushed brass fixtures throughout the room. This compact ladder rail, while modest in size, perfectly embodies both style and practicality as it glistens against the room's interior. Its brilliance contrasts elegantly with the matte black tones of the doors, upper wall, and feature wallpaper. The towel rail's subtle gleam complements the striking brass rim of the vanity mirror above the basin. This culmination of light and colour cultivates an alluring atmosphere within this traditional and characterful cloakroom.


With its timeless components and vintage stylings, this traditional bathroom enchants glamourous appeal. From the scintillating brassware to the candescent glaze of the ‘Thomas Crapper & Co’ basin. This sumptuous Cloak exudes decadence and character, offering functional solutions and exquisite aesthetics.


a word from our designer...

"This classic Victorian-inspired design infused character and vitality into our client's Cloakroom. By incorporating the distinctive elements from 'Thomas Crapper & Co.' and implementing creative spatial solutions, our client was delighted with the final outcome."