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Taking inspiration from Japanese modern bathrooms

japanese bathrooms

There are few things in life that are more soothing than slipping into a warm bath to melt the day’s stresses away. Japanese inspired modern bathrooms deliver the perfect atmosphere to achieve the calming tranquility necessary to give your body the rest and relaxation that it needs in order to stay fresh and focused.

Just like with all Japanese inspired design, the goal is to have a space that promotes both balance, and serenity, for your body and mind. Read below for some helpful tips on how to create your very own Japanese inspired bathroom that will give your bathroom space the perfect zen-ful ambiance.


Start With the Fixtures

In Japanese bathrooms, it’s the fixtures that generally provide the main focal point of the room. Large sized bamboo bathtubs and showers are a common choice. But if you’re looking to really up the wow factor of your Japanese inspired bathroom, placing a rustic stone tub on a bamboo floor will give a stunning elegance that will effortlessly add a calming solitude to your bathroom. When considering your sink and taps, a simple stone or glass basin with a basic chrome tap works beautifully as well.


Keep it Neutral

One of the first things that you will notice about Japanese interior design and modern bathrooms is their strict use of neutral colour schemes. White and natural tones are very popular in Japanese design, and are often accented with a simple red or bright coloured lantern, black frames, or bamboo stalks. This is equally important when choosing your bathrooms towels and linens.


Avoid bright coloured, or busy, window dressings, and instead use a simple bamboo blind, or better yet, replace your window glass with frosted glass. This will let in plenty of natural light, while still allowing you to have privacy.


Don’t Be Afraid To Play With Textures

Japanese inspired bathrooms often add texture to various bathroom surfaces by using things such as textured tile, or bamboo walls, to give a subtle depth to the room. Other simple textural additions can include adding smooth stones or pebbles around the bathtub and sink fixtures.


Less is More

The biggest mistake that people tend to make when trying to design a Japanese inspired modern bathroom, is adding far too much Japanese inspired accents and decor. Japanese design focuses on simplistic minimalism, meaning that the space should be open and entirely free of any clutter. Adding a few touches of Japanese inspired art to the wall, or some light greenery is perfectly fine, but don’t go crazy. When it comes to Japanese design, less is always infinitely more.

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