How to create the minimalist illusion in the bathroom


Minimalist interior design offers sleek lines and zero clutter and can make any space feel much calmer and more serene than a space which is chaotic and cluttered. This is why the minimalist approach works perfectly in a bathroom as this is the space in which you want to prepare for the day ahead each morning and to unwind after a long day.

Creating the minimalist illusion without spending a small fortune is much easier than you might expect. Often, the making the smallest changes can in fact make a huge difference in a room such as the bathroom.

Natural palette

A large factor of the minimalist illusion is a clean and neutral palette. Ensure that you do not use patterned tiles or wall paper in your bathroom if you are looking to create a minimalist look. You should also avoid bright or bold colours as even if you only choose one or two colours, bright shades detract the eye and do not suit a minimalist theme. Off whites, creams and other neutral shades are ideal for a minimalist bathroom. Natural shades on walls and bathroom suites can be complemented by minor details on tiles such as crackle effect to help add texture to your minimalist look.

Storage options

Nothing can ruin a minimalist look more than clutter. Clutter is the exact opposite of the minimalist illusion, but we are aware that there are plenty of necessities which you need to have in your bathroom. This is where storage is so important. Obvious solutions to having all your bathroom products out on show are cabinets, such as mirrored cabinets, and shelving. You can get more creative to really go minimalist and get all of your products out of eye sight. Above door cupboards and built in cupboard around sinks and toilets are innovative storage solutions which can help you create cleaner lines and less clutter.

Careful accessorising

While you don’t want to clutter up your minimalistic space, some well thought out accessories can help promote your minimalist illusion. Neutral colour tones should be kept in towels and flannels and simple decorative items in equally neutral shades can extend your clean lines and promote the fee of your calm space. If you choose large decorative items then don’t have too many, smaller accessories such as candles or pebbles should be shown off together but be careful not to cover too much of your sides with items as this will ruin your minimalist illusion.

With a minimalist bathroom, you’ll have the feeling of space and cleanliness, which can make your bathroom experience infinitely more relaxing.

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