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9 things you should include in your guest bathroom design


Whether you often use your guest bathroom when your main bathroom is busy or the space is purely dedicated to visitors, ensuring your spare bathroom makes guests feel welcome and relaxed can require a little extra consideration and attention to detail. Designing a bathroom for someone other than yourself isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ll need to think carefully about what your guests need and how they will use your space. While a guest bathroom may not require all the personal touches you’ve dedicated to your family bathroom, the last thing you want is for the space to feel cold and uninviting. A few thoughtful touches and homely details will undoubtedly help put your guests at ease. Designing a space for someone else can be challenging, but our expert tips should help you create a beautiful and functional guest bathroom that feels like a home from home.

Keep it neutral

Opting for a clean, neutral design is a great way to make your guest bathroom feel fresh, airy and inviting. While a dark and dramatic interior can look impressive, keeping it simple and elegant is much more likely to put your guests at ease and make them feel welcome. Guest bathrooms or en-suites tend to be smaller than your main family bathroom, so you may want to look at ways of making your room feel more spacious. Using the same surface finish throughout the interior can make your bathroom appear larger, great for small bathrooms. Light colours and streamlined furniture are also excellent choices.


Opting for a shower rather than a bath is a great way to free up space and make your guest bathroom feel a lot roomier. A walk-in shower or wet room with a seamless enclosure will cleverly open up your design. From a practical perspective, prioritising the shower area is ideal. A simple shower is sufficient for most guests, and you can still enjoy a long and leisurely soak in your main bathroom should you wish. Not sure whether getting rid of your bath is a good idea, you can find more advice by clicking here.


Storage is essential. Whether you need a place to keep spare toiletries, towels, or bathroom supplies, storage is the key to keeping your bathroom clutter-free and inviting. Vanity units and drawers are great for stowing items neatly out of sight. However, your guests will probably feel uneasy about going through your cupboards to see where they can place their belongings. Open storage such as shelves or freestanding furniture like stools or cubes offer the ideal spot for guests to keep their things close to hand.


Similarly, guests will need some space to unpack their belongings, and overly cluttered countertops could prevent them from doing so. Not only will a messy bathroom make it awkward for guests to use your space, but it can also be quite off putting visually and in terms of hygiene. Keeping your surfaces clean and tidy is a must. A glass for toothbrushes makes a welcoming touch.


The last thing guests want to do is rummage through drawers and cupboards in search of towels or spare toiletries. Keeping a few spare towels, loo rolls, and even cotton pads handy is a thoughtful way to make your visitor’s stay more comfortable. Shelves, baskets and stools offer the ideal spot to keep spares on display.


Adding some little luxurious touches to your guest bathroom will really make your friends and family feel special when they come to stay. As your guest bathroom probably won’t be used very often, you can afford to invest in some deluxe details, such as plush towels, high-end soaps and gorgeous smelling lotions.


There’s nothing more annoying than going on holiday only to find there’s nowhere to do your hair and makeup; every mirror is either lacking counter space, devoid of plug sockets or simply missing altogether. Make sure you’ve got at least one mirror near a plug socket and counter so your guests can get ready with ease.


Dull and dingy lighting can really let your bathroom down, making your space feel more than a little uninviting. Simply switching up your light fittings with brighter bulbs can transform your guest bathroom into a clean, fresh and uplifting interior.


If you rarely use your guest bathroom, it can end up having a bit of a cold and unlived-in atmosphere. Introducing a couple of verdant green houseplants will soon add a pop of vitality and vibrancy to your space.

Real photo of a sink on a cupbaord in a bathroom interior with tiles, mirror and plants


Though some of our suggestions might sound obvious, they can be easily overlooked, especially if your guest bathroom is rarely used. Furthermore, as all the most luxurious 5-star hotels recognise, it’s often the small things that make the most difference. Our expert’s top tips should help you create a beautiful bathroom that makes all your guests feel welcome. For more advice or to discuss renovating your space, please get in touch by calling 020 7127 5235 or emailing [email protected].

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