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Help Our Team Get Supplies To Ukraine


We have all seen the headlines and have, no doubt, been deeply affected by the suffering, violence and fear currently facing innocent families in Ukraine. But for some of our team here at The London Bath Co., the news headlines hit closer to home. Our fitter Yuri grew up in Western Ukraine and still has siblings, cousins and Grandparents living in the country. For him, sitting by and watching from the side-lines wasn’t an option.

Yuri and his friend Valentyn have already made one trip to the Ukrainian border to deliver much-needed aid. With the support of their friends, neighbours, co-workers and local community behind them, they drove through the night, covering over 3000 miles to get there and back in just four days. Yuri and Valentyn are planning to make a second trip as soon as possible to deliver medicine, food, camping equipment, nappies, baby food and other urgent supplies and would be incredibly grateful for your help.

We have set up a crowdfunding page to help Yuri and Valentyn raise money for the supplies and equipment the people of their country so desperately need. They are only collecting the most urgently needed supplies to ensure their work is as efficient and beneficial as possible. Your money will go towards the following:

  • power banks (for charging phones)
  • large and medium-sized backpacks
  • male socks
  • camping mats
  • sleeping bags
  • protein bars/energy bars
  • painkillers (e.g. ibuprofen)
  • flu medicine (Lemsip etc)
  • wound dressing materials
  • first aid kits
  • warm blankets
  • thermals/base layers
  • hot water bottles
  • insulated flasks
  • baby food
  • nappies
  • feminine hygiene products

You can also take any physical donations to the following address:

154 Holland Park Avenue, London, W11 4PY

Any support you can offer will make a real difference and would be greatly appreciated by Yuri and our team. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, those sheltering in fear, fleeing violence and risking their lives to protect their families and country.


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