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Small Bathroom Design Tips To Make Your Room Look More Spacious

How to Design a Small Bathroom to Look More Spacious

How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

With space for bedrooms often taking priority, it’s not unusual to have a more compact bathroom, especially when living in a city. And here at The London Bath Co., we often transform small spaces into practical and luxurious bathrooms. We know that small bathrooms don’t have to feel cramped and claustrophobic, but, unfortunately, many people are unsure of the best way to design them to maximise all the space available. If you break it down into a few features like clever storage, lighting, and colour choice, the question of how to design your small bathroom becomes less intimidating! Below, we’ve outlined our favourite tips for designing a small bathroom.


Choose Light & Bright Colours

Pale and bright colours are great for reflecting light around a room, making your space feel fresh and breezy. However, opting for a clean colour scheme doesn’t mean your bathroom must be entirely white. While a white bathroom can look great if you love a more minimal look, if you’d prefer something more characterful, subtle pastel shades make an excellent choice. Beautiful pastels offer a great way to make bathrooms fun but still light and spacious. Alternatively, to add a chic touch, why not try introducing a few dramatic black accents.

Go Bold With A Dark Shade

Choosing a dark colour for a bathroom might sound a little counterintuitive. However, encompassing your space in an all-over dark shade can, in fact, create a sense of depth, giving the illusion of a larger space. It can also draw attention to your light fittings and away from the dimensions of the room. Another fantastic benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked is the ability dark colours have to establish a dramatic and stylish atmosphere.

Elegant black bathroom with mirror wall and decorative marble tiles

Use Mirrors With Smaller Bathrooms

Mirrors are well known for their spatial benefits and capacity for boosting light. Most small bathrooms will have at least one mirror, but these can often be an afterthought over the sink. Instead, try introducing a larger mirror that takes up a significant portion of the wall. Wall-mounted mirrored cabinets are another great option for small bathrooms as they offer sleek storage while creating the illusion of space.

Install Bright Lighting

Investing in bright lighting is a simple solution, but it can make a big difference to your space. Dark and dingy lighting will make your bathroom appear small and uninviting. Bright LED ceiling spotlights are a good option when designing a small bathroom, thanks to their sleek, unobtrusive looks. For more tips on planning your bathroom lighting scheme, please click here.

Opt For A Walk-In Shower Or Wet Room

When deciding on the fittings for your small bathroom, we would always advise opting for a walk-in shower over a traditional bath/shower combination if possible. When combined with a minimal glass shower screen, walk-in showers or wet rooms bring a much more open and spacious feel to your design. There are so many modern walk-in shower styles available that you can ensure luxury, even in a smaller room. Click here for more information on replacing your bath with a shower.

Choose A Freestanding Bath

If sacrificing your bath simply isn’t an option, you might be surprised to find that a freestanding bath could be the best solution for your space. Freestanding baths come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your layout. Furthermore, the area left around the tub can make your room feel more open as opposed to a straight bath where all the corners are boxed in.

Keep The Floor Clear

Increasing the amount of visible floor space is a great way to make a small bathroom feel bigger. You can do this by opting for wall-mounted furniture, including wall-hung vanities, basins, toilets and mirrored cabinets.

The Best Tile Colours for a Small Bathroom

Use The Same Wall & Floor Covering

One of the fantastic benefits of a bathroom is that you have the option to choose the same covering for your walls and floor. Opting for the same finish from floor to ceiling will create a seamless effect, blurring the boundaries of the room and creating a spacious feel.

Add Clever Storage Solutions

Making the most of unused space and introducing clever storage solutions is a great way to maximise your bathroom design. You can make use of wasted space under your sink by opting for a washstand vanity. Mirrored wall vanities also make an excellent practical feature. If you are undertaking a full renovation, you may also have the opportunity to build stylish wall niches into any areas that have been studded out. Internal drawer organisers and containers come in handy for keeping storage organised and easy to use. You might also want to add a few decorative storage features such as a towel basket or toiletries tray.

Use Hooks, Rails and Shelves

As well as clever built-in storage solutions, you can introduce additional storage to your small bathroom by taking advantage of hooks, rails and open shelves. These can be added as needed without taking up too much valuable space.


Are you looking to transform your bathroom into a spacious and relaxed place, free from feeling cramped or overcrowded? We have ample experience in designing and installing small bathroomsGet in touch to find out more.


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