The Benefits of Underfloor Heating in the Bathroom

When it comes to designing the bathroom of your dreams, underfloor heating is probably one of the last things that you pay close attention to, but you really should. Whilst it is true that there are some stunning radiators and towel rails, perfect for any bathroom design, out there, there are also other options available as well when it comes to heating.

If you haven’t considered underfloor heating, then it is certainly worth giving it some thought, as there are some real benefits.

Energy efficient

Compared to radiators and towel rails, underfloor heating is generally considered to be more energy efficient which is great news for your utility bills.

In addition to this your floor covers a much larger area of your bathroom than a radiator which means that your bathroom will retain heat better; ultimately this means your bathroom will stay warm for longer and require less energy overall.

More hygienic

Radiators can heat your bathroom up very effectively however; the bathroom floor will still remain cold. This can make them the perfect breading ground for dust mites, no matter how regularly you clean, and this isn’t good news if you suffer from allergies. Underfloor heating can eradicate the majority of this issue.


Let’s face it radiators are not that pretty, so if you are planning a luxury bathroom it is important to consider every aspect of the design. Choosing underfloor heating offers you the chance to add that extra luxurious feel to your bathroom with better more consistent heating and no radiator to detract from the rest of the design.


Underfloor heating is much safer, which can be very important if you have small children in the home. Radiators can get hot and it can be all too easy to get burnt on them. Underfloor heating is a much safer option.

Easy to operate

Not only is underfloor heating easy to have installed but it is also really simple to operate. If you choose to use underfloor heating in the other rooms of your home at the same time you will find that you get a much more consistent result throughout the home. Underfloor heating is a much more efficient and effective way to make sure that each room in your home reaches a good temperature without some rooms being too hot whilst others remain too cold. It really is the luxury touch that is worth investing in.

With all these benefits, have you considered how you’ll heat your new – or remodelled – bathroom

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