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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating in your Bespoke Bathroom


A bespoke bathroom, tailor-made to suit you and your family’s needs, is increasingly becoming the preferred option for today’s busy families. Whether you choose a luxury bathroom full of opulent glamour or a practical, functioning family bathroom, you can be sure that every tiny detail is designed to suit your family perfectly.

One of the main things bathroom designers get asked about is what form of heating to install and how to make it work with the style of the bathroom. And many designers opt to recommend underfloor heating for reasons we will outline here.

The Perfect Space Saver

Traditional radiators or wall heaters, even the most slim-line ones, do tend to take up quite a chunk of room and often end up with towels or clothes draped over them to dry which of course compromises their capability to heat the bathroom. One of the most obvious benefits of underfloor heating is that wall heaters are not necessary. Without bulky radiators cluttering up the wall space you can utilise this for other purposes such as extra storage cabinets or simply enjoy the streamlined, unencumbered space that is the hallmark of the modern bathroom.

Enjoy the Luxury of Warm Feet

On colder days standing on a cold floor can spoil your bathing experience so what nicer thing could there be than stepping out of the bath or shower on to a lovely warm floor? And because heat rises you can be sure that the rest of the room will be comfortably warm too.

Enjoy Energy Savings

Installation costs can vary depending on the size of the room, whether your flooring is suitable and what type of underfloor heating system you want so it is important that you take expert advice before committing yourself. And while you can choose a simple self-install kit (again after seeking advice) which may cost only a couple of hundred pounds, a professional install may run to several thousand. But while the initial cost of installing underfloor heating may seem expensive you will undoubtedly recoup this in the form of lower energy bills over the life of the system.

A Key Selling Point

Underfloor heating is a luxury guaranteed to add value to your home when you come to sell it.

So if you treat yourself to the luxury of a bespoke bathroom doesn’t it make sense to also have the ultimate in luxury accessories – an underfloor heating system?

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