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The Ultimate In Men’s Bathroom Design– What Should It Contain?


Many men prefer a minimalist bathroom with stark, masculine decor and no clutter. However, there are still certain things that a chap should always have in his bathroom and we have come up with the definitive list.

An Efficient Shower

For the man who is always in a rush the difference between a great shower and a bad one can make or break a day. Whether you prefer a rainfall shower or a power shower install the best you can afford, preferably one that has plenty of room to move around in.

Music, Radio and TV

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers can be suctioned to the wall inside the shower or hung on the shower rail to ensure you never miss your favourite music or radio broadcast. A wall-hung waterproof TV complete with Amazon Firestick means you need never miss your favourite TV viewing.

Good Storage

The discerning gentleman doesn’t have time to rifle through bottles and jars randomly arranged on a window sill or shelf. A bathroom organiser with separate compartments for toiletries and shaving implements is a must and the more stylish the better. Matching storage jars for smaller items like cotton buds are useful things to have too.

A Towel Warmer

The male of the species is often blamed for throwing wet towels onto the floor but once you have used a towel warmer this habit will become a thing of the past as you come to appreciate the luxury of a warm, dry towel.

Timesaving Toiletries

If you haven’t the time or the inclination to spend a lot of time in the bathroom pampering yourself then it’s no good having numerous bottles of shampoo, bodywash, soaps and other lotions to choose from. When it comes to haircare a bottle of 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner and products that combine face and body cleansers are a good option for saving time and space. If time is not an issue then create a good impression and enjoy luxury grooming with quality men’s bath and shower products.

Good Shave or Beardcare Tools

Whether you are clean shaven or bearded buy the best quality shavers and beardcare tools you can get. This will pay dividends in not only how you look but also in how much time you save in your grooming routine. A no-fog mirror is essential for those who like to shave in the shower.

Luxurious Bath Sheets

Last but not least, a set of good quality, large bath sheets is essential.

With all the basics covered, you should have a bathroom to enjoy!

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