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Why Grey Isn’t Too Dull For Your Bathroom

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If you are planning to give your bathroom a makeover you’ll know that one of the hardest things to get right is the colour scheme especially if you decide to move away from the ‘traditional’ bathroom colours of white, blue and yellow.

Have you ever considered grey? We have thankfully moved on from the battleship hues of old and now grey presents in all different forms from a delicate silvery grey to a warm dove grey to the darker, dramatic shades of antique pewter.

Grey Makes a Great Base Colour

If your bathroom is large, then you can undoubtedly get away with using darker colours or using a single shade of grey throughout. If you are a little worried about painting your entire bathroom grey or if your bathroom is on the small side then why not choose a shade of grey as a neutral base colour. You can then combine it with brighter colours, for example in your accessories or tiles, and really make those colours pop.

Which Grey?

There are, if not quite fifty, more shades of grey than you might imagine. Grey has become the hot trend of the moment in the world of decor and the right shade for you depends on the size of the room. A bathroom that is small and doesn’t get much light would do best with a warmer grey that features a hint of colour like lemon or pink. A large room can easily take a more dramatic slate grey and accessories such as vanity units or decorative mirrors in this shade really stand out when featured against a cool white background.
The coolness of grey works really well when counterbalanced with the warm tones of natural wood whether as flooring, furniture or accessories. Give a hint of grey with finely-marbled tiles. Light oak contrasts wonderfully with a mid-tone grey. A single tiled feature wall, in gloss or matte finish, makes a stylish statement in grey whilst not overpowering the rest of the room.

The Golden Rule

Before you make your décor decision it’s a good idea to get a colour chart from your chosen supplier to help you choose your colours and visualise the end result. And remember the golden rule which applies to choosing a colour scheme – whichever colours you decide to go for, a mix of three colours – one neutral, one rich and one accent – with the lightest colour covering 70% of the scheme and 10% with the darkest, gives the most pleasing results.

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