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Ideas for Creating a Stylish Accessible Bathroom


Functionality is often the first port of call when it comes to mobility bathrooms. However, this shouldn’t mean that personality and unique style should be forgotten! A bathroom is a reflection of the person who uses it.

To create a stylish accessible bathroom, you need to carefully consider both of these aspects. We take a look at some key design aspects for creating the perfect mobility bathroom.


Built-in fittings in a neutral tone

Built-in fittings are always a good idea for mobility and accessible bathrooms because they allow more space for movement and are prevented from falling or moving about. We suggest opting for a neutral tone, such as white or light grey, so you can allow the space to feel bigger. Pops of colour can then be added with tiling or accessories.


Choose slip-resistant tiles in an unusual pattern 

On the subject of tiling, it’s important to make sure that you choose slip-resistant tiles – these are widely available and can be found at an affordable price. However, if your desire is to create a more stylish accessible bathroom, why not try opting for a more unusual pattern? This could be geometric shapes or something more decorative.


Install a minimalist wet room 

An essential for an accessible bathroom is a wet room as this will allow the inhabitant to reclaim their freedom and shower with far more ease. Wet rooms can be extremely sleek and stylish if you get a talented bathroom design team on board.


Handrails in a stylish chrome 

Handrails are another essential for a mobility bathroom, but these don’t have to be installed in a standard white or cream colour. Instead, you can opt for a sleek and stylish chrome, to give the bathroom an elevated feel.


Open shelving

Open shelving is a great way to minimise hassle and maximise access in the bathroom. As well as having toiletries within easy reach, it also provides an opportunity to include decorative elements in your bathroom, such as plants.


Choose a shower seat in a contrasting colour

Some people may feel that they want a shower seat to blend in when creating a stylish accessible bathroom, but we actually prefer the idea of adding some contrast to the shower or wet room. Adding a pop of personality with a colourful shower seat is a great way to make the bathroom more unique.


At The London Bath Co. we are specialists in mobility bathrooms and can help you find the best solutions for your individual space and needs. Get in touch to find out more.

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