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Statement Tiles That Define Your Bathroom


At The London Bath Co, we believe that the right tile choice is key to transforming a standard bathroom into a striking sanctuary of style and sophistication. Statement tiles, with their bold patterns and vibrant colours, infuse life and character into your space, making it a functional yet vivid reflection of your style. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey of some of our favourite statement tiles that can revitalise your bathroom, adding a new dimension of luxury and appeal to your space.

Blue Bird From Our Rimini Marble Range

This beautiful bathroom in Belgravia captures the essence of style with our ethereal Blue Bird marble tiles from our Rimini range. Soothing yet striking, the harmonious interplay of tiles within this large and luxurious bathroom elevates the room’s aesthetics to a new level of decadence. The soft, dusky blue hues intertwining with the warm brown graining add depth and intrigue to the space. Our client here opted for a combination of tiling, and the dramatic dash of Blue Bird brings life to this interior, perfectly softened by the Onyx White tiling. If you are looking to add that flourish of grandeur to your bathroom space, our Blue Bird tiles make a world of difference.

Ethereal Blue Master Bathroom

Calacatta Gold From Our Artist Range

Sumptuous warmth emanates from this modern ensuite in Bermondsey. These beautiful, Calacatta Gold statement tiles envelop the entire space, making the room feel larger and brighter. The thick dashes and splashes of brown within the tiling create depth. Complemented by the rich tones of the wooden accents, these golden tiles transform the space and create a luxurious and inviting surrounding, ideal for unwinding in style. To create a welcoming space in your upcoming project, this soft yet surprising tiling is the perfect backdrop.

Statement Contemporary En-Suite

Invoke Tiling From Our Sorrento Range

The bold lines and slashes of grey and black are mesmerising in this Mayfair bathroom. Creating a spectacular aesthetic with its showstopping patterns, this Invoke tiling is a timeless and striking choice for any bathroom. It can be used to complete the entire room or as a statement wall. Whichever you prefer, these tiles add a touch of drama and wonder to your bathroom interior.

Sophisticated And Striking Bathroom

Sophisticated And Striking Bathroom

Marmi White From Our Marble Range

The soft swirls of brown and grey elevate this bathroom space and create a palatial and inviting interior. With an intriguing interplay of soft and bolder colours adding captivating charm to this room, it’s clear why our client in Chiswick chose Marmi White to adorn the entire space here. Combining a soft and sophisticated approach, these tiles are a perfect statement piece for any bathroom project.

Stunning Radiant Main Bathroom

Blue From Our Ink Marble Range

Immerse yourself in this relaxing haven, where the deep, dark tiling emanates an indulgent ambience in this interior. Our client in Notting Hill opted for Blue from our exquisite Ink range to adorn this space. The dynamic mixture of colours within the tiling is captivating and vivid and evokes a tranquil setting for this opulent shower room. If you’re drawn to darker shades, this aesthetic may be your preferred choice for your bathroom interior.

Sophisticated Modern Shower Room

Our exquisite collection at The London Bath Co. offers a myriad of options for your bathroom project. From soft and inviting to bold and dramatic, our experts are here to help you capture the essence of your vision and guide you in finding the perfect statement tile to make a difference in your bathroom interior. A visit to our showroom will reveal even more of our diverse range, from timeless classics to contemporary marvels, each designed to inspire and transform your space into a personal haven.

For more information about our exceptional tile collection and to speak with one of our friendly design team, please click here.

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