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We are excited to announce that The London Bath Co. is opening a luxurious new and inspiring showroom in Chiswick! Having just secured the lease this month, our talented designers are currently undertaking the mammoth task of transforming our new space into a breath-taking sanctuary of all things bathroom design. You can expect to discover … Read more

Selecting appropriate materials to protect your bathroom is essential. However, your choice can also transform the look of your space. Thanks to their stylish appearance and practical benefits, tiles are a popular bathroom finish. They aren’t just durable, waterproof, and easy to clean; they can make a fantastic design statement. From elegant metro tiles to stylish geometric designs, there’s something to suit every taste. If you’re considering including tiles in your bathroom and could use some inspiration, you’ll find it here. You can explore some different styles and how to incorporate them into your space below…

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Whether you have to share your bathroom with others or are lucky enough to have one all to yourself, the best thing is being able to turn it into your own personal sanctuary. Here we can share a few ideas to help you in creating the perfect feminine bathroom.

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A bespoke bathroom, tailor-made to suit you and your family’s needs, is increasingly becoming the preferred option for today’s busy families. Whether you choose a luxury bathroom full of opulent glamour or a practical, functioning family bathroom, you can be sure that every tiny detail is designed to suit your family perfectly.

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If you are planning to give your bathroom a makeover you’ll know that one of the hardest things to get right is the colour scheme especially if you decide to move away from the ‘traditional’ bathroom colours of white, blue and yellow. Have you ever considered grey? We have thankfully moved on from the battleship … Read more

When it comes to designing the bathroom of your dreams, underfloor heating is probably one of the last things that you pay close attention to, but you really should. Whilst it is true that there are some stunning radiators and towel rails, perfect for any bathroom design, out there, there are also other options available as well when it comes to heating.

If you haven’t considered underfloor heating, then it is certainly worth giving it some thought, as there are some real benefits.

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