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Adding accents to your neutral bathroom design

Modern Bathroom Design

If you have neutral bathroom design but you would like to introduce some colour without it being overwhelming, then a good idea is to introduce accents of your chosen colour instead. Adding colourful touches creates the impression of a theme without you having to completely redecorate or refurbish your bathroom. Just by adding a few colourful accessories you can transform the look of your bathroom to create a fresh, clean space.

However, it is possible to go too far the other way and end up filling your bathroom with overly bright knick-knacks which make the space feel crowded and cramped. So, what is the best way to introduce colour to your neutral bathroom in a classy and elegant way.

Revamping your bathroom furniture

A relatively easy way to add accents of colour to your bathroom is to give your bathroom furniture a make-over. You can repaint your bathroom cupboard doors do give them a brand-new look and replace cupboard door knobs with brass, chrome or crystal replacements to add some shine to your bathroom.

Other pieces of your bathroom furniture which you can revamp quickly and relatively cheaply include your bath panels and your toilet seat. You can replace or repaint your bath panel, as long as you use bathroom paint to ensure that mould does not grow on the panels. There are also plenty of choices in coloured or patterned toilet seats and lids which can help you to add a pop of colour to contrast against the neutral tones of the rest of your bathroom suite.


Once you have decided on which colour that you are going to use to brighten up your neutral bathroom, you can introduce accents of that colour with accessories that subtly bring that colour scheme in to your bathroom. A good way to accessorise without making your space feel crowded is to introduce your colour on accessories which you would always have in your bathroom anyway. For example, toothbrush holders, toilet roll holders, mirror frames and soap dishes can be introduced in your chosen colour. This helps you to move away from the completely neutral look without filling your space with needless objects.

Other accessories you can use to bring colour in to your bathroom include pictures and towels. If you have your towels hanging or on display then they are an excellent way to bring colour in to your bathroom. Storage boxes and baskets can also be used to bring warmth and colour into a neutral bathroom.

Accent pieces within the bathroom can really help to pull a bathroom design together. Do it carefully and you will achieve a beautifully polished look.

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